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Humble Double Fan Art

Humble Double Fan Art

Recently, Humble Bundle and Double Fine got together to run the Humble Double Fine Bundle. It was super exciting to see two groups that I'm passionate about come together (not to mention getting a bunch of awesome games on Linux and DRM free), and I wanted to do something special to celebrate.

I had this idea of swapping the styles of the Double Fine and Humble Bundle logos, which eventually grew into swapping the styles of each of the five games that were intially being offered.

Left to right, we have Sacrifice Girl from Broken Age in the style of Brütal Legend (Mim drew the character for this one), Eddie Riggs from Brütal Legend in the style of Stacking, Charlie from Stacking in the style of Costume Quest, Wren from Costume Quest in the style of Psychonauts, and Raz from Psychonauts in the style of Broken Age.

For anybody who's excited, here's a 1920x1080 version.

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 5th June 2013
Date Created:
 5th June 2013
 12 times
 2hb(4), Broken Age(4), Brutal Legend(4), Costume Quest(4), Double Fine(28), Fan Art(265), Humble Bundle(6), Psychonauts(6), Stacking(4)


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