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Chell & GLaDOS (by cheese)

Chell & GLaDOS
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I have a soft spot for GLaDOS. I think that perhaps (like HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey), her apparent psychosis is her only way of coping with the situation her creators put her in. In an ideal world, we'd be friends ^_^

This started out as a rough sketch of mim's that she didn't like, which I offered to finish. It's been exciting to see a different style emerge, and I think this might be my favourite Portal fan art that we've done to date.

There's also an uncoloured version to check out/colour in if you like.

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 12th April 2011
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 11th April 2011
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On 3rd July 2011, mim said...

Thank you to everyone for your many loves!  This has definitely been the runnaway favourite of all the Portal pictures we've done so far!

Gracias for letting us know ^w^


On 7th July 2011, cheese said...

The support for this has been overwhelming. I'm a bit sad we haven't seen the black and white one come back to us coloured by anybody though.