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Getting Ready For AICon 2013 (part three)


I bet you thought we'd shown everything in our last AICon post. How wrong you were!

Not only are we introducing our snazzy hand made cushions to the world, but we're also bringing to life two monocled designs that we're hoping fit with AICon 2013's "vintage" theme.

Stuffed Toys, yay!

First up, we have our Dignified Bat, who first made an appearance on t-shirts at AICon last year and has just become available on stickers as well. He's about 350mm by 200mm and huggable, and if you don't like his natural upside-down stance, you can rotate him in three dimensions in your own hands! Amazing!

The other design is our cat, Mr Squishy as he appeared in the Vintage Lof Peas piece that Mim made earlier this year. This image proved to be far more popular than we expected, and we ended up using it for our fliers as well. It's very close to actual size, though not quite actual colour.

Stuffed Dignified BatStuffed Mr Squishy!

The Little Guy himself has given them the sniff of aproval, so they must be good.

Mr Squishy and a Stuffed Mr Squishy

We'll also be having a couple of felt Zombie Weirdies from last year's MAICon for anybody who didn't get a chance to see them up in Launceston.

MAICon Zombie Weirdies

Last but not least, here's a peek at the Tentacle Love cushions that didn't make it into the part two blog post.

Tentacle Love Cushion

All of this stuff has been hand sewn by Mim's amazing hands. If you see her at AICon, tell her she has nice hands ^_^

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 14th March 2013
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