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Getting Ready For AICon 2013 (part two)



As we mentioned in our last post, we've been making Two Lof Bees cushions for AICon next week (next post will look at stuffed toys). Here's a peak at what we'll have.

Two Lof Bees Cushions

We've gone with two sizes, 300x300mm and 300x170mm. For the larger cushions, we went with a mix of old and new: Sunny Bee, Happy Strawberry, Girl In The Woods and Girl At The Pond.  In the smaller cushions, we have White Whales and Tentacle Love (not pictured here).

Rather than leave the backs plain, we popped dots onto the backs of the two fairy tale designs (which also got spots on the front to liven things up)  and Tentacle Love, more "strawberry" text on the back of the strawberry cushion, some slightly curved dotted lines on the back of Sunny Bee, and stars on the back of White Whales.

Mim has been spending the last few days sewing these up, and it looks like we'll have them all done in time for the convention. We're going to have very limited numbers at AICon, so if you're going and you like the look of these, be sure to get in early!

Sunny Bee CushionGirl In The Woods CushionGirl At The Pond CushionHappy Strawberry CushionWhite Whales Cushion

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 12th March 2013
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