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Twlelve Days of Portal

A tribute to Portal, possibly the best game to be created in the past decade.

You can find more of our Portal fan art by checking out the Portal tag.

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  • Pages: 21
  • Created: 28-03-2011
  • Updated: 04-01-2012
  • Status: Finished

Page 13: Bonus Page - 12 Days Of Portal Video

Bonus Page - 12 Days Of Portal Video
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A video of the comic, complete with GLaDOS singing. Click on the link below to watch!

This was also featured in "Goodbye Christmas Caroline", a collection of fan made Portal themed Christmas carol remakes.

 9th April 2011
 10 times
 Ashpd(4), Bean(5), Button(4), Cake(14), Camera(5), Chamber(2), Companion Cube(15), Fan Art(265), Glados(21), Portal(77), Radio(3), Turret(10), Vector(143), Vent(2), Video(1)
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