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Cheese Is Making A New Game: Winter's Wake


Gosh, what a year it's been so far (as if 2014 wasn't crazy enough! D: )

This year, I've been reclaiming time by stepping back from some of the communities that I've been heavily involved with. At the end of last month, I resigned from SteamLUG. I'll still hang around as being a part of the community, but I won't be the Handsome Group owner I was. I'm also trying to rebalance things so that I don't have to depend so much on contract work (which hopefully will mean more time for art!)

The big thing that I wanted to make note of is that I now have a Patreon campaign running to help support me in making and writing about games. Exciting!

I will (as always) be doing a bunch of stuff concurrently, but my main focus is Winter's Wake, a "first person text adventure" that explores exclusively text-based storytelling through hybrid first person and point-and-click style mechanics.

Winter's Wake

This has been a neat project to work on and has gotten me thinking about space and narrative in new ways. In addition to keyboard and mouse controls, I'm also targeting HMDs (virtual reality ^_^ ), which I think is where the game will be most interesting.

I've been popping dev updates up on Patreon and have a couple of videos up on the Winter's Wake website. If that sounds interesting at all, do check it out :)

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 19th March 2015
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