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MAICon Eve 2013



'Tis the eve of our second year as traders at MAICon and we're just about ready to go! Like last year, the super awesome MAICon organisers let traders set up the night before, so our stall is already all covered in pretty tshirts, stickers, postcards, prints, keychains and handmade cushions. We decided to invest in a few extra tables this year, which was lucky, because we have so much stuff! Vintage CatOur little house has become quite full over these past few weeks as I've been camped at my sewing machine churning out beautiful cushions. As much as I'd love to keep them all for myself, it would probably be best for everyone if you guys would be kind enough to give some of them new homes ^_^

Our 'Vintage Cat' cushions (designed earlier this year to coincide with AICon's 'vintage' theme) are back, but there are extremely limited numbers available. We will definitely be happy to take orders to make some post-MAICon, but after that we're considering discontinuing them and coming up with a new design each year. There are also two of our 'Vintage Cat' cushions up for grabs as prizes for the Fan-fic and Art competitions.

Brambles cushionWe're also launching our latest design, 'Girl in the Brambles' on cushions, postcards and stickers at MAICon. This is the third design in what we're tentatively calling the 'Girl in the...' series, which is based on traditional fairytales. Other desings include 'Girl in the Woods' and 'Girl at the Pond', which will also be available at MAICon.

This is the first time that MAICon has had it's own theme, and this year it's 'Super Heroes'. Although we haven't had a chance to organise anything ourselves, we're totally looking forward to checking out everyone who's getting into the spirit with cosplay, artwork, or anything else that people feel like doing.

Cushions3We've also been invited to help judge the art competition again, so most likely one of us will disappear sometime during the afternoon to do that.

This will be our fourth attendance at a convention as traders and we're finally starting to get the hang of things, I think. Even if you're strapped for cash or don't feel like going home with armfulls of cute loot, we'd still love to see you, so feel free to swing by the Two Lof Bees stall and say hi ^_^

See you there!

(By the way, our stall is in the Trader's Hall in the Raymond Ferrell Centre).

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 6th September 2013
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