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More Stycil Tux Sightings


Last month, my Stycil Tux design found two new places to call home. Huzzah!

/r/linux_gaming on RedditWhilst hunting for a suitable logo for the new Linux Gaming "subreddit", admin PencilAbuser asked me in #steamlug (a Linux/Steam focused IRC channel I'm an operator of) if I'd be keen to do a game oriented Stycil Tux variant. More than happy to help out, I quickly (though not as quickly as I'd hoped) knocked together what I believe to be Stycil Tux's first derivative.

In an attempt to capture something iconic, I opted for including classic joystick motif, drawing on the much revered Atari 2600 stick for inspiration. The addition of a 'fire button' at the top of the stick and the shaft's narrow base are callbacks to the joystick I used to use on my Amiga (which I can't seem to find a model name for at the moment).

The /r/linux_gaming Stycil Tux variant

The guys seem to like it and adopted it as their logo in December.

The Big List of Steam games on LinuxIn January, my friend flibitijibibo decided to make use of Stycil Tux as the logo image for his streamlined relaunch of The Big List of Steam Games on Linux. This new version of the list makes use of Para CMS, a lightweight open source content management system I released last year.

It's amazing to see this design finding new uses, and I'm looking forward to discovering what other adventures the Stycil Tux design might have in 2013.

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 2nd January 2013
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