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A Gift of Lof(topus)


Time, it seems, has gotten away from me again, and this blog post is somewhat overdue.  Sorry, world.  Better late than never though, so here goes...

A wonderful thing happened a few weeks back and I have to tell you all about it.

One fine October morning, a small cardboard box found its way to our doorstep.  Inside this box was a miraculous creation of much wonder - a real live (well, not exactly alive, but close enough) LOFTOPUS!  The loftopus has made his first grand appearance it in the physical world!

A Loftopus Helping Mim Study

It seems that unbeknownst to myself, Josh had gotten in touch with Tally of Tally's Treasury, a very talented creater of felt creatures who lives across the sea (in the US), and had ordered a loftopus commission from her.  Not too long afterwards this little tentacley dude found his way to us where we exclaimed over his awesomeness and put him on our heads, which seemed to be just the right place for a loftopus to be.

It's lovely having a little loftopus hanging around the place to help with study and various other tasks (although he doesn't like washing up), and I'm very grateful to Josh for ordering him for us, and to Tally for doing such a fantastic job in making him.

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 25th October 2012
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