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Stycil Tux Spotted In The Wild


Stycil TuxLate last year, I made a logo inspired by Larry Ewing's Tux illustration - the mascot for the Linux kernel and an image that has come to represent and be synonymous with the whole GNU/Linux operating system and to an extent the Free Software world in general.

Originally, I created it for a project I was working on, but it didn't end up getting used. This was a little disappointing for me, and I spent a little while trying to find other things that I could retro fit it into. In the end, I decided that since I didn't have any specific use for it, but I still wanted to see it find some purpose somewhere, that licencing it for public use would be the best option.

Afte lots of back and forthing (I find licencing really painful), I eventually settled on a CC0 Public Domain dedication and threw it out to see what the world could do with it.

Enough about me, though!

Last month, I had an email from somebody who had made three of these glasses as a wedding gift for a friend. Amazing!

Stycil Tux Glass Close UpStycil Tux Glass

I found your stencil just by searching tux stencil in google images. It was the easiest stencil to replicate, especially since I couldn't find my exacto knife and I thought it's simplicity would help to easily distinguish it with light glass etching as opposed to the more complicated stencils.

The glass is etched using "Armour Etch." I made the stencil out of contact paper and just used small scissors to cut it out. I stuck the stencil onto the wine glass, smoothed out all the bubbles, and then applied a thick coat of etching cream for ten minutes.

Thanks so much for sharing, Andrea! We hope your friend had a fantastic wedding and likes the glasses!

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 10th July 2012
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