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My Friends (by cheese)

My Friends
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After 7 years of supporting and working with Double Fine in various capacities, it is with very big and very mixed emotions that I announce that I'm moving on. I find it hard to come up with words that express how thankful I am for the relationships and opportunities I've found along the way - the doors and hearts that have been opened to me through Double Fine and its community have been personally and professionally enriching beyond anything I had ever imagined.

There are far too many people for me to thank and acknowledge individually, but I love you all and hope that everybody finds engaging and fulfilling things to fill whatever space my absence leaves behind.

I do want to make note of the volunteer moderator team in particular, though - the effort and attention you've donated to the community fills me with both pride and inspiration. I'm confident that the community is in the best, most caring hands it can be.


Here are a few things from the past 7 years that I'm proud to have worked on/been involved with:


And since we never designed this site to display anything bigger than 690px wide, here's a bigger version.

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 29th June 2019
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 29th June 2019
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