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Two Lof Peas

The main comic, featuring the adventures of everyone's favourite pea people (with some guest appearances of course)!

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  • Pages: 66
  • Created: 12-03-2010
  • Updated: 22-07-2015
  • Status: Ongoing

Page 10: Thirsty Bee

Thirsty Bee
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This comic came to me in a dream.  Really, it did.  But it was a three panel comic dream in which there was a bee and a glass, then a bee drinking from the straw, and then the bee got fat.  It's true, I swear!  But what does it MEAN?!

 9th October 2010
 6 times
 Drink(4), Food(107), Glass(2), Lof Bees(118), Straw(1)
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