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PAX Aus and the Double Fine Down Under BBQ!


AUSTRALIASo, super late post, but we're heading to PAX Australia!

For the first time, PAX is heading to Australia, occupying the Melbourne Showgrounds for the most dense three day event I have ever seen in schedule form. I honestly don't expect to be able to see more than 20% of the content they've got lined up - it's mad, but a crazy awesome sort of mad.

In the past few days, I've become aware of a bunch of people that I hadn't previously heard of who're doing interesting things, so in addition to the way packed lineup of talks and panels, I'm also super keen to meet/catch up with some local Australian devs.

Depending on how I go for time, I think I might also look at writing a retrospective look at Game Masters within the context of PAX, discussing what kind of impact such an exhibition may have had on local perceptions of gaming culture.

Two Headed Baby ChefAs soon as PAX Aus was announced, I touched base with my awesome friends at Double Fine and asked if they were likely to be coming over. Unfortunately, it wasn't to be, but rather than waste the opportunity to bring the community together, I, along with a couple of other Aussie fans hatched a plot to organise a gathering, which we're calling the Double Fine Down Under BBQ.

Since PAX itself sold out so fast, we decided to have the gathering at the nearby Victory Park (check the page for a map thing). I also managed to wrangle a pre-recorded greeting from Double Fine, and a bunch of stuff to give away, so it should be a lot of fun!

Monkey Island creator and past Double Fine team member Ron Gilbert will also be joining us, and has been really helpful and supportive in getting the word out and bringing it all together. After interviewing him as a part of the Double Fine Game Club's playthrough of The Cave and having him join us for a couple of other Game Club sessions, I'm looking forward to meeting him in person.

If anybody who's attending PAX is keen to catch up with us, keep an eye out for bee antennae :D

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 17th July 2013
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