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Adventures in Face-Painting


Maya's Birthday 2012Last month, Josh and I had the honour of attending the birthday party of one little five-year-old butterfly princess.  This princess is the daughter of two of Josh's friends who were, at the last minute, desperately seeking a face-painter for the party.  Whilst face-painting isn't exactly my specialty, I decided to give it a go, with Josh as my trusty assistant and photographer.

I spent the night before taking inventory of my face paints and supplies, and was up until the wee hours drawing examples and practicing butterflies and things on the back of my hand.

The party was pretty awesome.  It seemed like the kids had a fantastic time, and most of them were patient enough to sit (relatively) still for 15 mins or so while I smeared cold paint all over their tiny faces.  Such must be the magic of face-painting - I don't know many other things that would make a sugar-filled five-year-old sit still.  Josh managed to get photos of all but one of our 'little customers' and you can check them out here.  He was also absolutely invaluable as my water-refiller.

All up, I managed to paint about a dozen faces in something like 3 hours.  Not a bad effort considering I don't get much practice painting faces, as I don't have littlies of my own, and I don't think Josh would appreciate me practicing on him.   (So if anyone has kids they need painted, get in touch ^_^).

Face Painting 2Face Painting 3Face Painting 1

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 23rd February 2012
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