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cheese Getting Ready For AICon 2013 (part three) - 14th March 2013

I bet you thought we'd shown everything in our last AICon post. How wrong you were!Not only are we introducing our snazzy hand made cushions to the world, but we're also bringing to life two monocled designs that we're hoping fit with ... (read more)

cheese 3 Years of Two Lof Bees! - 13th March 2013

Oh wow! Three years! Amazing!We're both very busy with AICon and other misc things at the moment, but towards the end of the month, we'll do proper Yearly Reflections posts :)Thanks so much to everybody who enjoys what we do - the feedback ... (read more)

cheese Getting Ready For AICon 2013 (part two) - 12th March 2013

Cushions!As we mentioned in our last post, we've been making Two Lof Bees cushions for AICon next week (next post will look at stuffed toys). Here's a peak at what we'll have.We've gone with two sizes, 300x300mm and 300x170mm. For... (read more)

cheese Getting Ready For AICon 2013 (part one) - 12th March 2013

As mentioned previously, we'll be attending AICon again this year. We've spent the last month or so squeezing in AICon preparations amongst our already busy schedules, but with less than one week to go, we're in crunch mode - a perfect... (read more)

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