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cheese AICon 2011 Summary (Part 1 of 3) - 6th March 2011

First up (so that we don't linger on it), Mim and I each won Best [Made On The] Weekend Artwork and Best Themed Artwork respectively. Huzzah for us!We met some really nice and fun people over the weekend. Hopefully we made some friends that we&#... (read more)

cheese Captain! Site Updates Ahead! - 4th March 2011

In just over week, we'll have been running our website for a whole year! How time flies!There are going to be some website upgrades which should make the site easier to navigate and a bit more fun to use. This will be our first major overhaul si... (read more)

cheese AICon 2011 - 3rd March 2011

We're heading to AICon to enter some artwork competitions!The themed competition which I'm entering is about mixing anime with fairy tales. For my entry, I'm trying to marry an anime series called Yamoto Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (also kn... (read more)

cheese Mim: Hard At Work - 19th February 2011

It's always exciting for me to watch mim draw. Since I haven't been able to contribute much else, I thought I'd share a photo I took yesterday whilst she was hard at work. It's obvious to me that her creative mind operates very d... (read more)

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