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Space Stuff (by cheese)

Space Stuff
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Recently a friend of mine mentioned he was putting together a tech/gameplay demo reel of a game he's been working on, and I offered to provide some placeholder graphics.

After some quick fiddling around, I settled on a monochromatic cartoony space feel.

This is a copy of my test area in Inkscape where I put the elements I've made together to gauge how they look together rather than an in-game shot. (I might see if I can wrangle one of those later).

If you're interested, I've written a short blog post about making this.

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 Work In Progress
Date Uploaded:
 7th March 2012
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 4th March 2012
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 Asteroid(2), Comet(3), Galaxy(1), Planet(10), Shuttle(1), Space(16), Star(18), Sun(14), Vector(143)