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Little Lof Notes

A collection of notes that we've passed to or left for each other over the years.

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  • Pages: 147
  • Created: 12-03-2009
  • Updated: 10-07-2014
  • Status: Ongoing

Page 87: Oh Ma Meow

Oh Ma Meow
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In addition to "lof", our personalised vocabulary spans a number of other words, one of these being "Oh-ma-mo", which is an exclaimation of affection or interest. It also doubles as a location call, helping us work out where the other is without the benefit of line of sight.

"Oh-ma-mo" can often be heard in and around our house. Even the Little Guy joins in sometimes.

 24th September 2010
 2 times
 Cat(61), Mr Squishy(57), Pea People(238)
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