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cheese Uploading... - 12th March 2010

I know Mim finds it a bit tiring doing the same thing for too long a period, but I am absolutely loving wading through all of our old drawings and pictures :3... (read more)

cheese Phew - 18th March 2010

So much scanning and uploading. I'm a little amazed at all the stuff we've managed to put up over the last week. It puts a bit of pressure on me to finish writing the search code.... (read more)

cheese RSS - 3rd April 2010

I've never had to write an RSS generator before. I'm still battling with whether or not to have something generated on the fly, or a static feed generated nightly or whenever something is uploaded, but I'm sure I'll work it out.... (read more)

cheese Banners & Artwork of the Day - 13th April 2010

Huzzah! We have a second banner image now (a banner for the day is selected randomly - if you can't see it, you'll just have to come back tomorrow). The first banner was a bit of a rushjob. I was never quite happy with it (though it is by n... (read more)

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