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AICon 2015: Done!


Whew! Well, that's another AICon all done and dusted!

2015 marked our fourth AICon attending as traders, and it really has only gotten better and better each year. Although it was nice and cosy at the University of Tasmania, we've really loved AICon's new location at Wrest Point these last two years. It's so exciting to see interest in AICon growing each year!

This year was definitely our biggest so far in terms of effort and reward (and I think it was AICon's biggest in terms of attendance as well?). We launched 6 new handmade cushion designs at AICon this year (usually we do about 2). We got pretty excited about the "Space" theme, and had been promising a penguin design to a certain someone for a while. Also those happy fruit have been begging to be made into cushions for years now. Launching this many designs definitely required a lot more preparation time beforehand - for prototyping cushions patterns, as well as actually making them -but it was totally worth it to receive such a positive response from everyone. We almost ran out of cushions on the first day!!! (*Note to self, I need to start making cushions way earlier next year so no one misses out!)

One of the nicest things about trading regularly at AICon is that we get to catch up again with people who have picked up something from our stall previously. I must confess, in the bustle and panic that often preceedes AICon - ordering stock and fabric, stocktaking, slaving over a hot sewing machine, and working out the general logistics involved in hauling bags and bags of cushions to Hobart in our teeny Lofmobile - it can be easy to wonder why we go to all this trouble! It's so nice to be reminded that the things we've worked hard to make are out there, right now, decorating people's couches and beds, stuck to people's phones and sketch books, pinned to people's bags and jackets, sharing the lof and reminding people to choose happy fruit >w< Seriously, it is so wonderful to encounter our stuff "in the wild" and we really get way too overexcited when we see people wearing or carrying one of our designs. Our most tremendous thanks to anyone who's ever been tickled by something we've made enough to take it home - you are the most awesomest people in the world and make our hearts all huge and explody with happy.

Below are some photos we've collected from people enjoying the things they've picked up from us (some people seem to be accumulating quite the collection!). If you have some Lof Bees "merch" at home and would like to share, please feel free to post a photo to our facebook page (or email it to us at and we'll happily include it below (if you want us to; if you just want to show us, that's cool too). If we get enough we might even need to make an official "fan page" on TwoLofBees for all your photos and fan art - zomg that would be so awesome ^w^

Catch ya at MAICon in September everyone!

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 21st April 2015
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