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Here Be Dragons


As mentioned previously, I'm the sort of person who's at risk of taking on too much work (I get everything done, but it tends to be at the cost of sleep, wellbeing and relationships - a fairly unhealthy situation to end up in). The past few years have been really helpful in getting me to understand and realise this, as my hand injuries forced me to slow down and learn to cope with not doing anything at all.

Now that I'm mostly recovered (I'm feeling like I'm somewhere around 90% now, huzzah!), and have been able to take on more projects, I've reached a point where I have to start being careful. I normally avoid posting my non-Two Lof Bees activities, but since my contributions here have been lacking lately, I thought I might give a peek at some of the stuff I've been working on.

North Esk Dragon Boat ClubIn addition to Two Lof Bees and my "Cheese talks" stuff (if you're interested about reading details and visualisations of cross-platform support in Humble Bundles, I published a pretty hefty article last month), I also do freelance photography, graphic design, and programming through J Bush Productions, and now have a day-job at Definium Technologies (which I'll probably mention in my year-in-review post next month). Beyond that, I also have a few projects that I'm involved with as well.

The image down the right is a logo I put together late last year for one of my J Bush Productions clients. It was a fun little project to work on and it's got a nice thoughtful air to it that isn't very common amongst "Chinese style dragons".

Ethan Lee: Cross-platform Audio NinjaI've been doing bits and pieces with my friend flibitijibibo (including a "Cheese talks" interview about cross platform porting). You can see his new business card design to the left.

Space ship concept art

I've also been doing a bit of work on a couple of in-progress games. Seen above is a portion of an early example of some concept art I've been doing for a sci-fi game. This has been great to work on, and over the past several months, I feel like my greebling and ship design has improved dramatically (though I'm certain I'll improve much more over the coming year), and I'm looking forward to bringing some of this stuff to life in 3D.

Concept ArtTo the right is a concept rough for another unannounced game that I'm working on. For reasons I can't get into at this point in time, this one in particular is really exciting to me, and I can't wait to dive into full production.

Below is some background art for a 2D platformer (not the rumoured Two Lof Bees one which is currently on hold). This project is moving more slowly than the others, but I'm really hopeful that it pulls through.

Forest Background Art

Beyond that, I'm still guest writing for Gaming On Linux, managing the steam-linux Steam group and #steamlug, maintaining Para CMS, participating in Neverball stuff, coordinating the Double Fine Game Club, running my local LUG and moving/buying a house (this one has had a pretty negative impact on everything else). For obvious reasons, I'm feeling stretched pretty thin at the moment. I'm at the end of my 2012 todo list though, and I'm not taking on any new projects at the moment, so 2013 is looking like it's going to be a good year for the stuff I've mentioned.

One of the last items from my 2012 todo list was to put together was a small (ha) website that listed all the stuff I'm working on or have worked on in the hopes that it will give me some perspective and keep me from overloading myself (so far, it's making my mind boggle, so it seems to be working). If you're interested, you can check it out here.

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 14th January 2013
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