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Trine 2 Giveaway Results (Updated!)


Love at First SightWhen it was first suggested that we ask people to draw art as part of our giveaway thingy, I expected that we wouldn't get any submissions (the overlap of people who like Trine, like, are interested in drawing and are willing to share their stuff is tricky to work out).

As it was, I was proved wrong and we received a total of eight pieces of fan art ranging from pencil drawings through to digital art and even a game!

After pouring over the submissions, Mim and I settled on the game EscargoooOOO! by Johan as our favourite (below is a screenshot - click on it to play!). It stands out as a fun and interesting interpretation of "fan art", an impressive piece of work for a short timeframe, and it's also pretty :)



Runners Up!

After seeing the results, the wonderful guys at Frozenbyte gave us a handfull of extra non-Collector's Edition copies of Trine 2 to give away to notable submissions. From left to right, we have a pencil drawing by Kratos showing a Giant Snail and a Giant Tortoise(!) being riden across a grassy field (submitted via Facebook), a digital painting by Nicole of Pontius and the Giant Snail having a nap together (submitted via Facebook), and another pencil drawing by Tonjevic of the Giant Snail "havin' a snail of a time!" (submitted via blog comment).

Snail and TortoiseNap TimeHaving A Snail Of A Time

We absolutely loved everything that was sent in though, so we decided to give everybody else a voucher! From left to right, they are from: Ethan (via Twitter), Hannah (via Facebook), Melker (via Twitter) and Derrick (via Twitter).

SnaleI Am Giant!Alot of SnailsFailsnail

Thanks so much to everybody who sent something in, and a super huge massive thanks with extra lof to Frozenbyte and Joel for the copies of Trine 2!

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 13th May 2012
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