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An Interview With Frozenbyte


One year ago I received Trine via Steam as a gift (from Mim. Thanks Mim!). I'd heard of it when I passed up on the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle (it was pretty hard to justify buying games when I'd just injured my hands), and thought it looked interesting, but it wasn't until I played it that I discovered just how unbelievably well crafted and fun the game was.

A month after first playing Trine, I decided to write a short piece of fanmail (I believe in recognising those whose efforts you appreciate), and received a response from Joel Kinnunen (Vice President of Frozenbyte) that was unexpectedly warm and generous, and we have been corresponding ever since.

In the time that has followed, I've participated in the Trine 2 beta written reviews of both Trine and Trine 2, and put together some Trine inspired fan art, all with encouragement and feedback from Joel - something I'd like to express my deepest thanks for.

Today, I published a two part interview with Joel and one of his colleagues that covers what things are like at Frozenbyte, how the Trine series had evolved over time, and a few other bits and pieces. It's an interesting read, and it was a lot of fun to put together. I hope that anybody who winds up reading it enjoys it :)

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 2nd May 2012
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 Frozenbyte(1), Stuff We Like(12), Trine(3)