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Extra Curricular Loftivities (Astronomusic)


Space StuffLast month, a friend of mine, flibitijibibo, told me about a game prototype he was submitting to an indie development competition. After having a quick look at his placeholder graphics (a box with a red and yellow square gradient and some white boxes moving past a green squiggle), I offered to donate something quick and dirty to help him out.

After some brief discussion, we settled on a stylised monochromatic space theme. I put the majority of it together within a couple of hours, but exporting for spritesheets and making additional tweaks/images ate up a good few days. I even made some minor (very minor) code contributions.

In the interests of not getting too caught up in the project, I took on more of an "art donator" role than an "art director" one, which I hope gave flibit the flexibility he was after. The current implementation doesn't quite match the vision I had when creating the images, but it was fun to work on, and it was definitely an improvment.

I also presented a how-to tutorial at a local Linux Users Group meeting last month, which went well and seemed to get a good response from the people who were there. I've just finished uploading a video version of the tutorial (which is a bit fast and the voicework is pretty disjointed, but at least it's done).

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 5th April 2012
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 Game Dev(7), Inkscape(2), Taslug(2), Tutorial(1)