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Happy Belated Two Years Of!


Is it worse to forget your anniversary or to get the date wrong? I don't know either, but thankfully it didn't matter because both Mim and I had the wrong date. Woo!

Peas as bees! Amazing!

Graduation MimAs promised, there's a new banner up today. It's a special day only banner like the Valentine's Day one and the previous Lofversary banner, but it's nice and fairly generic, so I might replace the 2 with something else and put it up as a regular one as well.

On Top Of The Known WorldTo celebrate two years of, we're having another art-a-thon! What's that? "Another?" I hear you inquisitively ask? Did we forget to do a blog post for our last one? Whoops, it seems we did.

Last month, inspired by the Humble Bundle Mojam (where three teams of game developers attempted to create three working games from scratch in 60 hours), we decided to spend 12 hours doing nothing but drawing, painting and scanning. One of us may have caved in a little early, but we still got a bunch of cool pieces up including On Top Of The Known World (which took up well over half the time on its own), River Finds A Turret, The Three Sisters, some closure for the Honours Thesis Monster (it's in two parts), and a neat little thing for our shop.

River Finds A TurretI have no idea what we'll be working on this time, but it should be fun!

We're also going to play some card games at some stage as well, I suspect.

For those of you who've been with us since the beginning, thanks for sharing two (or three!) years of lof with us, and for those we're comparative newcomers, we're looking forward to many more.

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 12th March 2012
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