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Our Shop (plus a voucher giveaway)!


If your eyes are keen, you'll have noticed that we now have a Shop tab at the top of our site.

Shop Tab IconsThe Shop tab shows a complete list of the designs we currently have available for purchase from our RedBubble store along with little icons (shown to the right) to let you know whether they're available as t-shirts, cards, kids clothes, prints, posters or even stickers!

Our prices will vary from country to country a little, but there are discounts for purchasing multiple stickers and cards/postcards that are the same across the world. There's a little help section at the bottom of the Shop page that has details.

You can jump to our RedBubble store by clicking on any of the icons (they'll take you directly to that product type), or by clicking the "Shop" link. Below is an example of what you can expect to see when you arrive there:

A Preview of our RedBubble Store

If you'd like to look at a different product type for the design you're currently looking at (for example if you clicked on the t-shirt icon from our Shop tab, but all you really care about is those awesome stickers I mentioned earlier), you can select another option from the bar below the preview image (shown below). Keep in mind that greeting cards and post cards are grouped together, as are t-shirts and kids clothes, and prints and framed prints.

Product Types

Customisation OptionsMost product types have some customisation options. They appear to the right of the preview image (shown to the right), and can let you choose between different sizing options, colours (in the case of clothing), framing options (in the case of framed prints), and format (in the case of cards/greeting cards). On t-shirts and hooded jumpers, you can also select whether the design should appear on the front or the back (but not both!).

If you're keen to look at other designs, you don't have to come back to (you can do that when you've finished your order), you can use the thumbnails and collection navigation options (shown below) located below the product types bar on the right hand side of the page.


If you have any problems, questions or feedback at all, please let us know and we'll be happy to do whatever we can to assist you.

Voucher Giveaway!

Free-bees!We've decided to celebrate the launch of our shop by giving away one AU$5 voucher a day for the next five days (starting tomorrow at 07:00am UTC/GMT Saturday 11th Feb).

All you have to do is email telling us what you love most about, and we'll randomly pick one person each day and send them a voucher code that can be used in the RedBubble checkout.

These codes can be used with any RedBubble purchase (lots of artists use RedBubble to make their works available), but we would totally appreciate it if you put them towards purchasing your favourite design.

If you miss out this time, don't worry. We're planning to do this every now and again, so keep your eyes peeled.


The giveaway is over for now. Thanks to everybody who emailed us :D

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 10th February 2012
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