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Technical Difficulties Resolved!


Okeydokey, so we've sorted out the problems we were having, and we've moved to a new web host! Amazing!

We've just gotten back from a little holiday (which you'll probably have guessed if you've been reading the Living With A Little strips in the Two Lof Peas comic). Mim and I both got some drawing done whilst we were away, and I've just finished scanning no less than 58 drawings and scribbles (most of which is dinosaur oriented - not a big surprise given that we played through the new Jurassic Park game whilst we were away)!

We're also about to pop up a "store" page which lists all of the t-shirts, stickers, postcards and prints that we've got available, so keep an eye out for that over the next week or two. We're now sitting ontop of a FreeBSD box, so I guess that means I'd better update the about page too.

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 21st November 2011
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