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Lions and Stickers and T-Shirts, Oh My!


Our First T-Shirt!So, for anybody who hasn't been paying attention, in addition to getting some greeting cards, postcards and prints available, we've also finally got a t-shirt up and happening! And stickers!

Hello Dinosaur Friend is our first attempt at getting something up and happening. It's available as both a t-shirt and a sticker, in outline and solid coloured varieties.

It's been an interesting process to work with. RedBubble don't seem to take images with CMYK colour profiles, and they do a colour conversion for the preview that simulates what the final print will look like. It's a little off though, and the t-shirt we got back was quite a bit vibrant than the preview suggested (which is positive in that you get a colourful t-shirt, but less positive in that you could be put off by the preview). Because of this, we're ordering a proof of each shirt before we make it publicly available, which slows the process down a bit.

We've got a dozen or so other ideas that we're polishing off (if you scour our t-shirt ideas pictures, you can probably find hints of what's to come). We're not sure how quickly we'll get them up, but we're hoping to have a good variety of stuff rather than just Sprinkles (even though Sprinkles is lovely).

Stickers!!!In the stickers photo to the right, you can see some lof bees and heart speech bubbles. We weren't really happy with how they came out, so we've gone back to the drawing board with them. We're hoping to have a few sheets available eventually with random lof bees and pea people on them for general sticky fun, but most of our t-shirts should also be available as stickers as well.

Mim came up with  with a fun idea for the stickers. Stick them to old fridge magnets and cut them out! Instant recycled two lof bees stickers.

Well, that's it for this blog post. I hope you like our first foray into the world of t-shirts, and I'll leave you with the evolution of Hello Dinosaur Friend.

The Evolution of Hello Dinosaur Friend

P.S. If you were expecting a lion, I'm afraid you're going to have to make do with this.

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 9th November 2011
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