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Software Freedom Day 2011


Josh has been nagging... oops, I mean, reminding me that I said I'd write a blog post about the twolofbees table at Software Freedom Day.  So here I go.

Hello Dinosaur Friend

Basically the idea of Software Freedom Day is that it's an opportunity to present the ways in which you're using free and open source software to the community in an effort to get people more interested in and excited about using the stuff (that's my understanding of it anyway). SFD Scribbles Josh got me into using open source programs in the first place, and now I use them quite a lot in the creation of my artwork.  For those interested, I mostly use the Gimp and Inkscape (they do similar things to Photoshop and Inkscape, respectively). 

Anyway, Josh wanted to have a twolofbees table there, and as he was busy volunteering for other duties (he was running another table and taking care of a lot of other stuff), I ended up looking after our table.

I didn't really produce anything particularly amazing (although I do love the dinosaur), it was nice to not have to do anything but sit and draw for 8 hours.

Sad PuffinSad PuffinPrincessPrincess

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 27th October 2011
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