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AICon 2011


We're heading to AICon to enter some artwork competitions!

SunakoThe themed competition which I'm entering is about mixing anime with fairy tales. For my entry, I'm trying to marry an anime series called Yamoto Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (also known as The Wallflower) with The Wizard Of Oz. There are also some happy coincidences with Sunako's fear of being melted and her three pseudo imaginary friends (who were initially going to appear in the piece as winged monkeys, but that didn't quite work out).

After some printing woes, I'm ready to go. I'm thinking that after this I'm going to need to rest my hands a bit. This project has probably been a bit bigger undertaking than I was prepared for, and it's been a bit depressing to take a couple of days to do things that used to take a couple of hours.

Mim's submission is joining Ouran High School Host Club and Cinderella together. It isn't quite ready yet, and it looks like we're going to have to organise printing when we get there, but she's done some amazing work (I'm feeling a little bit of Inkscape envy - especially given that I've been tinkering for over half a decade and she did her first illustration just over a year ago).

At any rate, it's going to be fun and exciting, and we might even do some drawing at the con.

Wish us luck!


Edit: Here's a time lapse video of my drawing coming together.

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 3rd March 2011
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