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2010: A Mim Odyssey



Josh has suggested that I post a bit of a summary-of-2010 blog, so here I go ^_^


Mim's Honours ThesisThe biggest and scariest thing that happened to me in 2010 was doing my honours thesis.  Obviously this sucked up a lot of my time, especially towards the end of the year, meaning that a lot of my scribbles around that time were about studying, stress, sleeplessness, etc.  Luckily, I managed to retain my sense of humor (for the most part) and the resulting scribbles were scooped up and now comprise the Mim's Honours Thesis comic, which hopefully brought a few giggles to other study-stressed souls.


Tired MimThanks to Josh's generosity, 2010 saw my collection of art supplies expand to include quite a number of copic markers, which resulted in lots of "Just practicing with my copic markers" drawings.  My poor pencils have been sadly neglected, but colouring with copics is just so sexy.


Sprinkles isHello Balloon Friend probably my favourite recurring character to have emerged in 2010.  In her non-judgemental way, she befriends anything that crosses her path, be it a bug or a balloon.  I hope to expand her explorations into 2011 and beyond.


I Am a SquidAnother series I'm working on expanding is The Cute Series, which began when I drew this picture, hoping it would convince Josh to have squid for dinner with me.  Only three of the series (there are currently five) were drawn in 2010, but I expect we'll see many more in the future.


Okay, so, I guess I'll just end this post with some of my favourite pictures that fell out of my imagination in 2010, and wish you all happy explorations in the new year ^_^

ONE YEARSeahorse LofHi GoldfishHappy New year 2011

Cold Grumpy CookiesJosh SketchPrincess TowerNekked

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 22nd January 2011
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On 23rd January 2011, cheese said...

Oh oh! I forgot about the seahorse snorgle!