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Banners & Artwork of the Day


Huzzah! We have a second banner image now (a banner for the day is selected randomly - if you can't see it, you'll just have to come back tomorrow). The first banner was a bit of a rushjob. I was never quite happy with it (though it is by no means as hideous as the placeholder I had whilst roughing out the site design). When I was doing my preliminary roughs, an underwater banner (at that time, footer) was something I had wanted to do, but I had to put it aside due to its complexity until it resurfaced as this sketch here.

Sea Steve BannerOn the note of daily things, we've now got an "artwork of the day" part on the home page. It's a bit of an attempt to give some older stuff a chance to see light again and make navigating into the artwork section a little easier. Mim's response when the loftopus turned out to be the first one to show up was classic, and I even find it a little exciting myself to see what's going to wind up there.

Other exciting site updates include some new icons for the home page, tags on artwork and filtering options to allow you to see comic panels as well as notes (which are a part of a special comic just for the little notes we leave each other) in the gallery view.

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 13th April 2010
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