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cheese Freeing The Time - 25th September 2010

A few days ago, a friend asked me what I was up to this weekend. My reply was, "Nothing at all," which was an amazing feeling as it's been several years since I've actually been able to say that. I think I've been doing so much for so... (read more)

mim If you buy it, art will come... - 8th July 2010

I get so excited about art supplies, but I'm ususally too slack to use them.  I have boxes of materials that I've been hoarding since high school.  The paint has probably shrivelled into nothingness by now, but I still like to occ... (read more)

cheese So much drawing, so little time - 7th July 2010

When I draw something, it's almost never in one sitting. I always find that before I'm feeling like it's 'finished', I'm distracted, dragged screaming, or otherwise committed to other tasks at hand. This generally leaves... (read more)

cheese Banners & Artwork of the Day - 13th April 2010

Huzzah! We have a second banner image now (a banner for the day is selected randomly - if you can't see it, you'll just have to come back tomorrow). The first banner was a bit of a rushjob. I was never quite happy with it (though it is by n... (read more)

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