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cheese Portal Mania (part 1) - 9th April 2011

First up, welcome Portal fans! When we decided to do a few pieces of Portal fan art in the lead up to the release of Portal 2, we had no idea we'd get the attention that's come out way. Thanks to everybody for their kind words and support. ... (read more)

mim Hello Balloon Friend: a brief explanation - 27th March 2011

Sitting outside the Uni Bar with some fellow students, I noticed a balloon bouncing around at the other side of the courtyard. Cute detection sensors activated and my eyes locked excitedly onto the balloon.  To my surprise and delight it boun... (read more)

cheese One Year of! - 11th March 2011

Today is doubly exciting for us. Not only has been up and sharing our artwork and scribbles with world for a year, but mim and I have also been sharing our lives for two whole years. By now, our relationship should be walking, talking ... (read more)

cheese AICon 2011 Summary (Part 3 of 3) - 9th March 2011

OK, so. Part 3. These are my thoughts on some of the convention's rough edges. Reading this is even more optional than part 2. If you disagree, that's cool. If you agree, that's also cool. If you want to discuss, then shoot me an email... (read more)

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