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mim Adventures in Face-Painting - 23rd February 2012

Last month, Josh and I had the honour of attending the birthday party of one little five-year-old butterfly princess.  This princess is the daughter of two of Josh's friends who were, at the last minute, desperately seeking a face-painter f... (read more)

cheese See Two Lof Bees at AICon 2012! - 23rd February 2012

We're taking to AICon this year! You might recall that last year we attended AICon and came away with some prizes from the art competition. What we didn't tell anybody was that we were also secretly taking a peek at what it&... (read more)

mim Mim's Honours Thesis - Closure - 18th February 2012

Four hundred and seventy five days after I submitted my honours thesis I finally found the time and motivation to finish the Mim's Honours Thesis comic.  Whew!  Five new comics/pictures have been added (including a two page Thesis Subm... (read more)

cheese Facebooks and Twitters - 17th February 2012

For people who're into such things, we're now likeable on Facebook and followable on Twitter! Our new Facebook page has been set up to automatically share finished artowrk, photos, sketches and works in progress, so if you're keen on ... (read more)

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