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cheese Greetings from AICon! - 17th March 2012

It's day two of AICon, and we're a lot busier than yesterday. So far, we've had two people come forward with the special flyers we mentioned in our last post. We've also decided to give people with the winning flyers a free keyri... (read more)

cheese Two Sleeps Till AICon - 15th March 2012

We're just getting the last couple of things for AICon ready at the moment and thought we'd share some of our planning. One of the first things we needed to sort out were inserts to go in every attendee's bag. We toyed around with the... (read more)

cheese Happy Belated Two Years Of! - 12th March 2012

Is it worse to forget your anniversary or to get the date wrong? I don't know either, but thankfully it didn't matter because both Mim and I had the wrong date. Woo! As promised, there's a new banner up today. It's a special da... (read more)

cheese 2 Years Already? Oh noes! - 10th March 2012

So it seems Mim and I have discovered a discrepancy in our date-keeping. We were expecing the two year anniversary of to fall on the 13th, which is why you're seeing out One Year banner at the top of the page today. Fear not thou... (read more)

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