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Stand Absolutely Still (by cheese)

Stand Absolutely Still
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If you don't see it at first, keep looking ;)

Finally, my first piece of Jurassic Park fan art! This may or may not end up being part of a set (I've got a couple of other "Gerry and Jess" ideas that I might flesh out down the track).

I wanted to paint over this image the way I did with Continue Testing, but I've got other stuff that I need to focus on, and I kinda like the crisp vector look, so I'm going to call this Finished For The Moment.


Update: A bunch of people have told me that they can't see the tyrannosaur looming in the doorway. I've uploaded a lighter version so they can enjoy it too :D

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 26th November 2011
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 23rd November 2011
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 Dinosaur(45), Fan Art(265), Jurassic Park(12), Tyrannosaurus(2)