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Ice Guy Nodes (by cheese)

Ice Guy Nodes
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So here's a look at the "compositiong node" arrangement that adds a glow to the highlights as a post-render effect for the 7 Day FPS project I'm working on.

On the left is the base render. It's output along the top to a series of progressively blurred copies that only contain the bright parts of the image. Each of these is mixed back in with the original image using an additive blending mode to produce the final output on the right.

Blender's node editor also shows a live example of the compositing effects in the background (the smaller node on the right). Exciting stuff!

If you're interested in finding out more about my 7DFPS project, check out this blog post.

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 Work In Progress
Date Uploaded:
 11th June 2012
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 10th June 2012
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 3d(27), 7dfps(16), Ice Skating(13)